My Favourite Moments in Time From 2016

2016 is the fourth year of Overdrive Photography, and even though it has been a slow one, I have had a lot of moments behind the lens that I have enjoyed, and several pictures that I have taken that I really like. They may not be perfect or even amazing photos, but I like the story that some of them tell, or what has been captured in frame, these are my favourite moments in time that I captured in 2016.


I love the massive spray of water off the front tyre as Tom Marshall went through a huge puddle, that day we had pretty heavy rainfall, so by just after 12 pm when this photo was taken, the track was drenched. My camera didn’t like the rain, but I loved the new challenge it provided!


Michael Prosenik and Adam Hedges, this was my favourite battles to watch, during my absolute favourite time of the day, golden hour. I love the way the sky is lit up orange, but also the fact that I feel like you get a real sense of being there in the moment.


I love this one purely for the huge cloud of tyre smoke tinted orange by the sunset, with the car partially silhouetted against it, this is the kind of thing I love about photographing drifting during golden hour!


I feel this photo is all about the details contained within it, the way the sun lights up the inside of the cars, showing the drivers, how close Joe is to the wall, and how close Nico is to Joe’s door, as well as the crowd watching on in the background, 1/800 of a second forever frozen in time.


This photo has to be my absolute favourite from this year, I love the way that everything is frozen in the golden light of the sunset, one single moment forever frozen in time. You can see so many little details, from the thin layer of smoke over the roof right down to the little bits of rubber being shredded off the rear tyres.


This photo was originally just an experiment to play with reflections in the windows of new media room at Hampton Downs, but I was every happy with the final image. You may not be able to see much in the reflection, but I personally feel it makes for a pretty cool image.


This photo is one I love because it draws your focus into the car, and what a special car it is! This 935/77 was originally driven at the 1977 Le Mans 24 Hours, and came all the way from the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart to be at the event. I love the angle of the car that is captured here, it shows just how wide the 935 really is compared to a stock 911.



These two images are all about the experience, they may not be incredible images, but what was captured is incredibly special to me, getting to see an RWB being built in front of my own eyes, and getting to see Nakai-San at work was an amazing experience, and one I will never forget. I cannot thank fellow Kiwi photographer Aaron Mai enough for making this experience possible, it is one of the best days of my life so far!


Nakai-San putting one of the final touches on RWB NZ 001, or as it would come to be known a few days later, ‘Waikato’. This feels very special to me, because this signifies that it is the very first RWB in New Zealand, and putting the plates on it means that it is pretty much a finished car.


This photo is all about the emotion captured on the owner’s face, it’s nothing but sheer joy. This was right after he peeled the transfer sheet off the window banner, which means the build was officially finished, Anthony was now the owner of RWB NZ 001.


This was at the first official public outing for the first two RWBs in New Zealand, it was held at Manfield Autocourse and thousands of people came from all over the country to admire the cars, and to meet the man behind them, Nakai-San. I really like what was captured in this, people admiring RWB NZ 002 ‘Hekigyoku’ from all angles, taking photos or just staring at the car, soaking it in in person for the very first time.


I love the sense of peace this image has, a lone race car sitting just outside the garage in the crisp, yet soft early morning spring light with nobody else around, pure automotive bliss.


This one is an image I have very mixed feelings about, I love the composition and the way the car pops against the background, but it also makes me sad seeing a race car sitting damaged and broken.


This was an image that I have been chasing for a while now, I have been trying to get just the right angle to get a solid panning shot of car coming out of turn 1. I finally found that angle at the Hampton Downs 101, and I couldn’t have asked for better cars to be in front of my lens when it happened.


This is one I am extremely proud of, and it was very close to being my shot of the year. I love the intensity in Mad Mike’s eyes captured through the half cracked visor of that beautiful Red Bull helmet as he was waiting to clamber into the Darrell Lea STIX McLaren 650S GT3.


This image was never originally planned, I had actually gone over there with the intention of shooting a time lapse, but the wall of cloud was so high above the horizon it wouldn’t have made for a very good time lapse, so I decided to take some photos instead. I wandered around the wharf area at Pilot Bay and spotted this angle, snapped off a few photos and I’m extremely happy with the final result.


This one is a single frame from a half hour time lapse of the sunset at Muriwai Beach, I love the way the sun is directly over the top of the small island just off the coast line. Muriwai always gets some really nice sunsets, and I finally decided to take my camera down to the beach last time I was up there.


This is something totally different to what I would normally do, but I decided to experiment with something a bit different when Ovation of the Seas, the largest cruise ship to ever come to New Zealand, was leaving the Port of Tauranga. This image may not be something that everyone will like, but I’m very happy with it.


This final photo is a teaser from a set I am working on at the moment. I was lucky enough to get access to the front straight at Hampton Downs back in January to shoot WAAA, which at the time was owned by my friend Philip, who actually sold it a few months later and purchased an IS-F. I have been spending a lot of time on these images to try and make them some of the best photos I have ever taken, so I can’t promise a date for the final set because I want to make them as good as possible.


Here is to 2017, onwards and upwards, I hope you all have a fantastic 2017!