2017 – 5 years of Overdrive Photography

2017 marks 5 years of Overdrive Photography, and although I haven really done much photography wise this year, I have still captured some images that I am really happy with. I have been focusing more on my nature and landscape photography this year, and I have only been to one automotive event this year. I have also been slowly working on a time lapse project, but I will probably end up re-shooting a lot of it, so I don’t know when that will be released.

I decided to shoot D1NZ from the stands this year to challenge myself, the stands of the stadium trapped a lot of smoke, which also created quite a challenge, but I am rather happy with the shots I got.

This was one of my first real attempts at wide angle panning, and I really like the way it looks, it really provides a good perspective of how small the car is compared to the stadium.

This is something totally out of the box for me in terms of editing, but I really love the way that it turned out with the transition from light to dark, and the car semi silhouetted against the smoke.

I also spent some time shooting the Cooper Tyres Street King Showcase which was put on next to the pits at D1NZ, and this low perspective photo of this Impala lowrider sitting on three wheels was my favourite shot that I captured.

This images is a frame from a sunset time lapse I shot at Muriwai beach earlier this year, it’s not the best sunset photo I have ever taken but I’m still really happy with it.

This is my favourite photo that I have taken this year, back in September I went on a two day ski trip with some good friends to Mount Ruapehu and while we were there we stayed in a hut up on the mountain. This was taken just after we finished walking up to the hut on the first day, the light was absolutely stunning and I kept taking photos until the light completely disappeared.

This was taken from just outside the door of the hut we were staying in, looking out towards another hut that was near us, and I just love the light and the clouds in this image.

This photo was taken only a minute or two after the one above, but from a totally different spot, I really like the foreground detail that the rocks contrasted against the pure white snow provides, with the clouds and golden light in the background.

That is it for 2017, It has been very slow photography wise, but I plan to try and get back behind the camera a lot more in 2018, here is to another year of Overdrive Photography!